Best Franchisee of the World

December 2019 • Florence, Italy

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Best Franchisee of the World



The Best Franchisee of the World is a series of national events culminating in an international event in Florence, Italy celebrating outstanding franchisees from around the world. 

Franchisors have an opportunity to nominate their top franchisees to compete for the Canadian Title. The winner of the national title will be invited to carry on to the international stage for the chance to win the Best Franchisee of the World Award.

We want to hear from you how your exceptional franchisees have impacted their family, their future, and their community? 

The franchisee finalist, their franchisor, their judge, and their franchise association representative all receive an all-expense paid trips for 2 to Florence, Italy for the exclusive international world event. At the Best Franchisee of the World finals you will meet franchisors from all over the world and their best franchisees.

The Business Exchange is invested in highlighting these extraordinary people that are changing the franchising industry and improving the lives of the people and communities that they serve.




How to Enter

You can only be entered to compete for Best Franchisee of the World by a franchisor. Franchisors can nominate up to 5 of their franchisees.

Who to Nominate

We're looking for franchisees with a compelling story of how franchising has changed their life and the lives of those around them. This is your chance to put your franchisees' life's work on a world stage. Franchisees that are accomplished and have experienced growth over the last 2 years are also ideal nominations. 

Who Should Participate

Franchisors who want to recognize their top performing franchisees are welcome to participate. This is a fantastic way to honour your franchisee's hard work and commitment to your brand, their family and their community. Upon submission you can increase your brand's awareness by announcing your franchisee's nomination for the Best Franchisee of the World in your press releases and marketing materials.

Why You Should Participate

Motivate your franchisees and use this competition as a marketing tool so your nominees can showcase the quality of their brand. Moreover, if you win the national title, you’ll be invited to play the world title and participate to a premium international networking event where you can meet franchisors from all over the world and their best franchisees.

Equal Opportunity

It doesn’t make a difference whether a franchisee owns a hundred big name brands or one smaller franchise; everyone has the same chance of winning.

Competition Rules

Click here for the competition rules.



Franchisors can submit up to 5 franchisees to be considered for the Best Franchisee of Canada. Immediately upon submission you can use the respected title of Best Franchisee of the World Nominee in your marketing materials and for press releases.



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The Business Exchange is proud to offer franchise brands a spotlight on an international stage, elevating the franchise industry as a whole. If you have any questions regarding Best Franchisee of the World, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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