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January 2020 • Florence, Italy

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US Competition

  • Each Franchisor may nominate up to 5 franchisees (candidates) at their discretion. Fees are listed in the following link
  • Franchisee must be operating for a minimum of two years to be eligible for nomination.
  • Both franchisor and nominated franchisee(s) may use the BFW’s logo in all their marketing materials and state the franchisee has been nominated for Best Franchise of the World.
  • Franchisor must submit each candidate’s application form for review by a judge.
  • Any inaccurate or false information provided will automatically disqualify the candidate with no prior notice. Late submissions will be discarded at the discretion of MFV and the judges and be considered as void and null.
  • Once a nomination is approved the candidate will be sent a questionnaire for completion. At that point, the franchisor/franchisee may use the BFW logo in their marketing campaigns.
  • Each valid application will be reviewed by one judge. There are 5 judges. Each judge will determine a finalist from among nominations reviewed by the respective judge.
  • The finalists will be contacted by each judge for an interview. Each judge will present his/her finalist to the other judges.
  • Once a judge has selected a finalist he will not be allowed to vote for him/her again.
  • The 5 judges will select the overall winner; the winner will be named Best Franchisee of the United States.
  • All finalists and the Best Franchisee of the United States will be announced at Franchise Expo Houston, Oct. 4-5, 2019.
  • The Best Franchisee of the United States will receive two all-expense paid trips (including airfare, meals and hotel accommodations) to Florence, Italy for the two-day BFW final event. The nominating franchisor will also receive one all-expense paid trip to Florence. Date of the BFW final event: December ____ 2019. This event will include franchisees and franchisors from each of the participating countries.

International Competition

  • The international competition will be held in Florence, Italy the first week of December.
  • Day 1: each country winner will be interviewed by a judge. (Translators will be provided where necessary).
  • No judge will be allowed to vote for a candidate of his or her own country.
  • After interviewing each candidate, the judges will announce the top three finalists.
  • Day 2: the Best Franchisee of The World will be announced at a gala dinner celebration.